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Message from the President

Well its spring 2016 already, can’t believe how the time flies by.  So has everyone RECRUITED a new member this year?  Our membership is shrinking with years as we are growing older, faster.   I’d like to see us all commit to signing up just one new member this year, which would double our NCPOA. Everyone should carry a membership application with them, as new membership is our life blood for survival.

Since this is a Presidential election year we must exercise our right to vote. We insured that right by our service to “uphold and defend the constitution” when we joined.  Just a reminder to register and vote for the candidate that holds the same beliefs as you do as a red blooded American.  Don’t be hoodwinked by empty promises from candidates seeking office and always remember, someone has to pay the piper for our over $19 Trillion national debt.  Someone has to bite the bullet and balance the National budget before the USA become insolvent, being dragged down by bleeding hearts.

On the thought of finances, the NCPOA is facing a crisis too.  We have allowed ourselves to under estimate long term operating costs, especially with our Life Membership program.  It has been so successful that now we have over 75% of our members enrolled.  The down side to that is that we are drawing out more money from that account annually to meet expenses coupled with less income coming in annually from regular dues paying members.  The solutions are both short term and long term and involve of course reducing spending and increasing income.  Long term, on the income side we need to adjust the cost of life memberships to reflect true costs as well as adjust annual dues.  We are considering establishing a pledge program whereby Chiefs can sign up and make tax deductible donations on a monthly basis.  The Life Membership and Scholarship accounts are bleeding since interest rates are near nothing now.  On the expense side our Scholarship fund is also unsustainable, and I propose we adjust the awards to equal the income.   We have taken measures already. Thanks to our Secretary Gary, to reduce our operating costs but it is too little too late.  

Hope you are making plans to attend our annual Convention.  This year we again visit Americas finest City, San Diego Ca.  It’s going to be a ball too.   We have invited the FLCPOA gang to join us too.  They did a great job of hosting us in Melbourne Beach Florida last year.

Membership, though our President has suggested to each of you our current financial situation in a very eloquent way, let me in a more “down-to-earth” present to you what the organizations real financial life looks like in the form of my perspective.

Current membership                                           999 members

Life time member’s                                               649 members     65%

Past Paid dues members                                    087 members     09%

Members current through 2016                   026 members     03%

Members current beyond 2016                    083 members     08%